Bonfires on your plot are allowed

only between 1 November and 31 March


TWBC Bonfire Guidelines must be observed:

·       Choose the time for your bonfire carefully, taking notice of those working or living nearby.

·       Never light a bonfire unless you are satisfied that weather conditions and wind direction will mean that smoke will be carried away from other plotholders, neighbouring houses or the road.

·       Only put dry material on the bonfire that will burn quickly and with minimum smoke.

·       Compost or bury soft vegetable waste and grass cuttings which are difficult to dry.

·       Never burn oily rags, rubber, plastics, foam, paint or such materials as they will produce heavy or pungent smoke.

·       Never use flammable liquids such as oil or petrol to help start your bonfire.

·       REMEMBER - bonfires are dangerous; never leave them unattended. Do not even leave them when they are smouldering – douse them with water if necessary. Fire can spread to fences or buildings or scorch trees and plants.

Finally, bonfires may constitute a ‘Statutory Nuisance’ under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and action may be taken against you in the Magistrates’ Court which could result in a fine of up to £5000.


If you have a fire that breaches these rules, you will receive a Bonfire Nuisance Notice.

If you commit the same offence again, we will have no option but to end your tenancy.

We are all delighted that our star plot-holder has been recognised so widely.

The Allotment site held two Heritage Open days, 15 and 16 September, which your committee considered a success 


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