The costs of the ongoing cleanup

These pictures tell a sad story, and a completely avoidable one!

These are two rubbish heaps that were recently removed from the site, together with various smaller ones, at a cost of £660!!! In March another heap, composed largely of materials intended originally for burning (prunings etc) but so contaminated with plastic and other non-burnable rubbish that a bonfire was out of the question, was removed at a cost of £360. That is a total of £1,020 on rubbish removal this year alone. Every year we remove rubbish from the site, plastic, broken glass, tyres, old carpets, the list is endless. This is all stuff that people have brought onto the site, presumably thinking it might “come in handy one day”. It never does, and we are left with it when people leave. We are particularly worried about the amount of plastic which is so harmful to the environment (we all saw “Blue Planet”), but also glass which gets broken and eventually ends up as small shards in the soil.

Earlier this year I cleared a shed full of rubbish, old plastic bags, rags, ancient and unidentifiable tins and containers, empty bottles, and took it all to the tip. Why could the shed owner not have done so himself when he vacated the plot? I walk around the site and I see so many of these collections. I urge you all to have a good look at your plot and to ask yourselves, “Do I need all this stuff?” If the answer is “No”, please take it to the tip, don’t leave it for us to clear.

Plot-holders, this is your money! When you get your rent invoices, you will see that we have decided to increase the rent to £4 per rod (currently £3.50). One reason is the recurrent cost of rubbish clearance. As so often, it is only a small minority of plot-holders who are the culprits, but it is the community that picks up the tab. That is very unfair, so please all take responsibility for our site and keep rubbish to a minimum.