HAHA Newsletter June 2019

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If you have any issues please email me admin@hawkenburyallotments.co.uk  


HAHA Newsletter June 2019


Membership Renewal Time

1st July is the start of our membership year, so if you receive a paper copy of this newsletter, you will find a renewal form enclosed for you to complete (download from here).

For those who have online access, you can download the renewal form on the website – or you can pick up a form in the Stores. If you post your renewal, please enclose an s.a.e. so your card can be sent to you.

If you are a plot-holder you will have already received a membership renewal form with your rent invoice. Your payment may also be made in person at the Stores by cheque, cash or card. (NB: No need for separate cheques for rent and membership: one cheque for both is fine.)

Plot-holders have also been sent a revised version of the Conditions of Hire which form part of the annual lease. We had to update the Conditions to reflect our new bonfire policy, so took the opportunity tidy them up and change the layout to make them easier to follow. Your payment of the plot rental will signify your acceptance of these Conditions.

Our Stores are For Members Only

While on the subject of membership, after a few incidents of passers-by coming in, we need to be stricter about checking that shoppers are indeed current HAHA members. As a members-only store we enjoy a beneficial tax status which we don’t want to jeopardise. So please do not feel affronted if you are asked to prove your membership status by showing your membership card. Till volunteers cannot be expected to know everyone.

There is another reason for making sure you obtain your new membership card by sending an s.a.e. or by collecting it promptly from the Stores. Members who want to book for our Outings require their membership number when booking.

Spring Events

 At the end of April, we again held a very successful and well-supported Spring Vegetable Sale at the Stores, and this was followed in mid-May by a BBQ and sale of more tender plants on the “Miss Daines Plots”. The latter was the best ever of these popular events – and so well attended that we even ran out of sausages!

Can You Help? HAHA Depends on Volunteers!

And we want to record our huge thanks to one of the most reliable volunteers ever: Gordon Barrett, who has been filling bags with birdseed so long that no one can recall when he started. Every Wednesday morning for very many years he has turned up and measured out into smaller bags the birdseed that we all buy. thanks, Gordon.

A huge thank-you also to the loyal band of Helpers who regularly turn up every six weeks to do their hour in the Stores. However, with retirements, ill health, etc taking an inevitable toll, we are facing a genuine problem of finding the necessary bodies to keep going.

The current greatest need is for people who could help during the day at short notice (from a week to 24 hours) when a delivery is expected every 2/3 months or so. Helpers are needed for two stages of the process:

1 To ensure a lorry can pull up outside the Stores, someone needs to place about six cones along the front verge the previous evening.

2 To join a team unloading the pallets of materials we’ve ordered. It involves some lifting, carrying, and trolley manoeuvring – completed within about an hour.

These tasks are essential to keep the Stores functioning and providing a good service for our members. If you could help, please leave your name and phone number in the Stores, by a message on: 01892 546653 or email: admin@hawkenburyallotments.co.uk

The Gate Problem

Your Committee would welcome suggestions as to how to convince plot-holders of the importance of locking our gates. If you are loading or unloading, please take things or vehicle through, then lock the gate behind you BEFORE proceeding to car or plot. “I’ll only be a minute” is not an acceptable excuse for compromising the security of those whose plots are near the gates. Thefts of produce or equipment take moments, and cause misery to others.

Sorry, We Cannot Recycle for You

Every so often we find unwanted donations of black plastic flower pots outside the Stores. We appreciate the good intentions, but if you are having a clear-out at home or in your shed, please don’t leave your unwanted pots outside the Stores. The same goes for empty bottles such as those in which our apple juice is sold. They are non-returnable and should be disposed of along with your other bottles. Thank you!

June Tips

It’s now time that all your hardened-off seedlings were planted out, and from now on vegetable seeds can be planted directly in the ground. Now that at last the rain has arrived, they should develop rapidly.

But rain means slugs, so many of you will be purchasing slug pellets. You may not be aware that DEFRA has decreed that all slug pellets containing metaldehyde (the blue ones) may no longer be sold after 30th June. Gardeners may use up any stocks they already have until next spring. The alternative is slug pellets containing ferric phosphate – or the sheep-wool based versions we have in the Stores.