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HAHA Newsletter June 2020

Below is the latest Newsletter. Should you wish to print the Newsletter please download June 2020 Newsletter. Once downloaded open the document in Adobe ReaderIf your PC does not have Adobe Reader installed it can be obtained free by downloading from the Adobe site here http://get.adobe.com/reader/ Please ensure that you deselect the Optional offer to install MacAfee, center panel, then click the ‘Install now’ button on the right.  

Membership renewals

Your HAHA membership from 1 July is now due. The renewal form is enclosed with this Newsletter. Please note that, as announced in the February Newsletter, we have increased the membership fee.

As you can imagine, we’ve been forced by Covid-related circumstances to make a few alterations to our normal process. The main change is that we are not issuing membership cards this year. As the Stores must remain closed, members will not be able to renew their memberships in person, so payment by cash or card will not be possible.

Instead, for those with internet access, payment online will be possible. The details are printed on the membership renewal form – but please be sure to give your name as reference. Cheques by post remain as usual.

New Gate Locks

By the time this Newsletter is delivered, we will have replaced the padlocks on the site gates following the very distressing spate of break-ins back in March and again recently. The lockdown has meant we have had to wait to get the padlocks, but they have now been delivered and fitted and plot-holders have received their keys. We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their patience and understanding for the difficulties we have had around the issue of the padlocks and for their cooperation generally in these strange times.

Particular thanks must go to Janet and Alan Randall who have put a lot of time and effort into re-designing the three gates on High Woods Lane to make them more secure. They recognized that the old design of the gates made them particularly vulnerable to forced entry and came up with an ingenious conversion that should prove much more secure. We are immensely grateful for their contribution and feel this epitomizes true community spirit. Thank you, too, to all those who have offered their help and support in different ways and expressed interest in a greater involvement in the running of HAHA, an offer that we will be glad to take up when we are finally able to convene as a committee again.

The police too have been helpful in providing advice to plotholders about making their sheds as safe as possible. The break-ins to allotment sites are currently widespread when thieves are finding it difficult to break into homes which are constantly occupied.


Now that Gate 5 has re-opened, those who have been driving around to their plots must revert to our normal rule of parking at the top of the site rather than driving to your plot.

Re-opening of the Stores?

We cannot predict when we can re-open the Stores. The vast majority of the staff volunteers are vulnerable by reason of their age. In particular, Bob Deacon our Stores Manager is under treatment and must continue to self-isolate, and our Treasurer David Collins has been ill and also must continue to avoid contact other than electronic.

The Committee, reduced by recent resignations, is also unable to meet by reason of age. If it weren’t for our Membership Secretary Christine, the ‘baby’ of the Committee although herself not in the first flush of youth, we could not have continued to run the Association and might have had to return the site to TWBC.

Christine has taken on an incredible burden: break-ins, new keys, organising plot maintenance & letting and of course responding to the volume of emails we receive. We owe her a major debt of gratitude.

For now, we are all glad that everyone is enjoying being able to go to their plots and that, with a very few exceptions, we have all remained in good health. Let’s keep it that way!