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HAHA Newsletter April 2021

Below is the latest Newsletter. Should you wish to print the Newsletter, please download April 2021 NewsletterOnce downloaded, open the document in Adobe Reader. If your PC does not have Adobe Reader installed, it can be obtained free by downloading from the Adobe site here http://get.adobe.com/reader . Please ensure that you deselect the Optional offer to install MacAfee, centre panel, then click the "Install now" button on the right.

April 2021 Newsletter

Spring Back!

After the long lockdown, as things are gradually opening up, we wanted to send a Newsletter to

bring everyone up to date – and also introduce our major means of communication to our many new

plotholders. The Newsletter is produced every few months so please look out for it in your inbox.

We hope our new plot-holders will also get into the habit of using our Stores (and volunteering to

assist in them when possible) as it provides a source of much-needed income that benefits us all.

Since HAHA began in 1933 as a means of group-purchasing of composts etc, that is how we have

kept our site better equipped and plots at a much lower rental than others in the town. A visit to the

Stores has the advantage of access to free advice from more experienced gardeners who could save

you from planting seedlings too early and succumbing to a frost or failing to earth up your potatoes

so that they turn green. A chat with an experienced gardener is worth any number of books or

viewings of Gardeners World!

Please note that, despite Christine being busy renting a continuing stream of newly prepared plots,

we still have a waiting list of over 40! In case there is a vacant plot near you, it may be awaiting

clearing and rotavating as long experience has shown that, unless a plot is ready to go when leased,

it will defeat a new gardener. So, as time permits, the plots will be prepared and leased when ready.

Stores Re-opening

We are very pleased to be able to announce that the Stores will be re-opening from Saturday 17

April, from 2pm to 3pm (as before). Despite widening levels of vaccination, the following measures

will remain in place:

• All helpers and customers to wear masks.

• Only 2 customers in the Stores at any one time (one out, one in).

• Entrance will now be via the bottom door (door 2). Please exit via door 1.

• Please ensure that you maintain a 2m distance from other users when in the Stores itself.

• Payment can be via card, cheque or cash. Please note that the limit for contactless payments

is £45. Payments above that amount will be by Chip & Pin.

Stock in the Stores: The usual selection of birdseed, composts, manure, plant supports, seeds

etc, at competitive prices.


We have kept the toilets closed throughout the pandemic in line with general guidelines, but we feel

now that it is safe to re-open the toilets again. They are cleaned regularly and hand sanitiser will be

provided. Thank you for having been so patient and understanding about the lack of this important

facility for so long!

TW in Bloom 2021

We have entered the HAHA site in the ‘Best Community Allotment’ category in this year’s

competition, as it has never been in such good shape. But we encourage you to enter your own plot,

front garden, front patio or balcony or even tubs and containers to make this year’s competition a

lively one. You can register in more than one category too.

For further details, please go to the website: www.royaltunbridgewellsinbloom.org.uk where you

can find the application form. Deadline for entries is 1 June for allotments and 30 June for other

categories. Every entry receives a £5 voucher for use at a specified local garden centre, who are

supporting the event.

If photography is more your cup of tea, then there are plenty of opportunities to submit photos,

including the RTW in Bloom weekly photo competition (to be submitted by Friday each week; topics

and start date to be announced) and RTW in Bloom ‘Buzzing Blooms’ competition (closing date 15

September). Further details as before via their website.

Beanpole Orders

Our longstanding supplier has once again coppiced his chestnut wood (chestnut is exceptionally long

lasting) and is able to offer bundles of 12 beanpoles for £15.00. Last date for orders is Sunday 16

May. Please print off and fill out the form below, and drop off at the Stores with payment.

For new gardeners, beanpoles are necessary for runner beans to climb up, and although bamboo

poles are also available in the Stores, investing in a set of chestnut poles provides a truly sturdy and

long-lasting structure.

2021 Beanpole Orders

Name: ___________________________________________

    Phone: ________________

Please supply …………. bundle(s) of chestnut bean poles

@£15.00 per bundle of 12

Payment totalling ………….…. is enclosed

(cheque or cash only; no online payments please)

You will be telephoned when they arrive.