1.  Title:  The name of the Association shall be the Hawkenbury Allotment Holders’ Association.


2.  Objects:  The objects of the Association are the protection and improvement of allotments (with particular emphasis on the allotments at the Marlpits Site, Halls Hole Road, Tunbridge Wells).

  To arrange events and outings which will foster and promote interest in allotments and horticulture. To arrange the bulk purchase of horticultural products, including bird food, for onward sale to members.


3.  Membership: The Association shall consist of Ordinary Members and Honorary Life Members. Every member of the Association shall be entitled to a copy of the Association’s Rules, Newsletters, Trading, Profit and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheet.


 4.  Annual Subscription:  The Annual Subscription shall be due on 1st July each year at rates to be agreed by the Committee from time to time. In addition to the Annual Subscription new members will be required to pay an initial joining fee which shall equate to the annual membership fee. For the purposes of membership and voting at any General Meeting of the Association, membership will be deemed to have ceased if the subscription is unpaid for 60 days from the due date.


5.  Officers:  The Officers of the Association shall be a Chair, Vice-Chair, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Stores Manager, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting which shall be held in October each year. All Officers must hold a valid membership card at the date of the election.


6.  Management and Committee:  The management and detailed business of the Association shall be conducted by a Committee consisting of the Officers of the Association (ex officio) and no more than 10 members of the Association. At least three members of the Committee shall be named as Trustees, responsible for signing alterations to the site lease with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and for countersigning plot leases. Five members, including the Officers, shall form a quorum.

One third of the Committee shall retire annually in rotation, but shall be eligible for re-election by ballot at the Annual General Meeting.

Nominations for Officers and members of the Committee shall be received by the Honorary Secretary not later than 28 days before the Annual General Meeting. Each nomination should bear the signature of the person nominated and the signature of two members supporting the nomination. In the event of there being nominations in excess of vacancies, election will proceed by ballot.

The Committee shall have the following powers:

(a)   To approve the Accounts and Balance Sheet which shall be prepared as at 30th June of each financial year and audited, for adoption at the Annual General Meeting;

(b)  To co-opt members as necessary;

(c)   To make special rules in case of emergency to come into force immediately, such rules to be passed at the next General Meeting before being incorporated into the Rules of the Association.


7.  Annual General Meeting:  The Annual General Meeting shall be held in October each year, seven clear days’ notice in writing being given to all members. A quorum shall be 20 members.

7.(a)  Any Other Business:  The Agenda for all meetings to include the opportunity, under this heading, whereby any members may raise a matter of interest which can be fully discussed by the meeting.


8.  Extraordinary General Meeting:  An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Committee at any time or by written request signed by not less than 25 members, with seven clear days’ notice being given to all members. 


9.  Rules:  The Rules of the Association can be altered at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called specially for this purpose, and a written notice of all proposed alterations must be sent to the Honorary Secretary not less than 28 days before such a meeting.


10.  Affiliation:  The Association shall be affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and any other Societies and Associations as the Committee shall from time to time direct.


11.  President and Vice-President:  The Association may have an Honorary President and Vice-President. These appointments do not carry any powers or voting rights beyond those of an ordinary member. The President/Vice-President are not members of the Committee. The appointed holders shall retain their titles as long as the holders wish, and have Honorary Life Membership of the Association. The positions can be left vacant when appropriate. 

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