What's The Buzz At HAHA


One of our plot holders is brand new to beekeeping and admits he has a lots to learn, but has a mentor in the local beekeepers’ association. Bees are fascinating creatures not just for their honey but for the way they organise themselves for the greater benefit of the whole colony. 

Keeping bees has been on his wish list for some time. So when your committee said yes, he jumped at the chance. He is keeping two hives down in the far corner of the allotments although he is not planning on harvesting any honey in the first year. He will concentrate on building the colonies to a condition where they can survive the winter. Being a bit of a technophile, each hive will be remotely monitored so he can collect data from home.


A photo that shows the different coloured pollen the bees have collected. 

Well late last month their honey won first prize in the local beekeepers association's Honey Show in the Novice Class and came Very Highly Commended in the Open Class and the photo of a bee on Lavender won third prize and the label won second prize.


This is a quote from the The National Allotment Society website: 

Bees make a wonderful addition to any allotment site as they play a critical role in the pollination of so many plants, especially fruit crops. Higher yields and better quality produce will result from having hives near your site.